Friday, 30 October 2015

Why Should Dog Owners Train Them

People admire a dog as pet as well as a faithful companion but without any kind of training what so ever, a dog will behave just like an animal unless he is taught by someone, his owner. All the dog owners must house train their dogs as no one would appreciate his or her pet doing business inside their house. Proper housekeeping training is to be given to a dog with which he understands when and where he has to eliminate. Dogs must be taught the rules of the house if the owner wants to make his life easier and less worried with his dog. Besides that a house trained dog is less likely to create any trouble for the owner and other people in the surroundings.

Many animals including dogs do not usually eliminate at places where they sleep unless they are confined to that place for longer periods. Dog owner should make the best use of this natural habit of his pet and utilize in order to benefit from it. If the dog is under 12 weeks old, it is best to house train him by starting crate training. A crate is similar to a cage with a front door made of bars. These are made not to punish or confine a pet for long but they are utilized for making the dog understand what a house is like. A crate might be considered as a bedroom for the dog with just enough space inside so that the dog can stand turn around and even play with his toys. Remember not to confine your dog in a crate for more than an hour or two.

Dogs love to follow people specially their owners and if you will not train him which way is the way out, he might follow you in your bathroom as he has no idea what you want from him. For example you are getting late to go outside to take your dog for a walk and you want to get dressed but your dog keeps following you instead going outside and waiting for you there. The solution to this problem is to always use the same door to take your dog outside.

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